About Satpuda National Park & Tiger Reserve

Establishment Year : 1981 | Area : 524 sqr. km.

The Tiger reserve encompasses Bori Wildlife Sanctuary and Pachmarhi wildlife Sanctuary.While Bori is the oldest forest reserve in India and Panchmari is the only hill station of central India. Panchmari has numerous panoramic view points and water falls and has long been a pilgrimage centre for Worshippers of Shiva,especially for people from Vidharbha region of Maharasta. The scenic splendour of the Pachmarhi hill is unmatched by any formation for and wide.The forest department of M.P. was essentially born here when the soldier turned forester captain's James forsyth constructed the Bison lodge in 1862. His book'The High lands of Central India' widly describes his journey from Jabalpur to Panchmari with attendent advenures.Pachmarhi has unique floral association is that sal occurs as an isolated patch, in a sea of teak forest, far away from its main distribution. Forest Department and M.P. Ecotourism Development Board are now promoting it as major trekking destinations

PRINCIPAL FAUNA : Tiger,Panther,Sambhar, Chital,Bhedki,Blue Bull,Four-hornedantelope, Chinkara, Bision (Gour),Wild Boar, Wild Dog,Bear, Black buck, Fox, Porcupine, Flying squirrel, Mouse deer, Indian giant squirrel etc. and various species Birds may also be seen there.

PRINCIPAL FLORA : Sal,Teak, Tendu, Aonla, Mahua, Bel, Bamboo etc.

MEANS OF TRAVELLING(INSIDE THE AREA : Petrol four wheeler vehicle or four wheel drive Diesel vehicle which is not older than five years

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